Anatomy & Inspiration for Design of Today’s VitaSet

I wish I could honestly say that the PulsedTech VSG was born of entirely altruistic values ….. BUT IT WASN’T! Even though many of the various practitioners and clients have shared their deep concerns, needs and desires about electro-sensitivities and the related problems with me over the years, I had never really paid that much attention even though I had [...]

Destructive Testing in PulsedTech Labs

Pulsed Technologies & Pulsed Technologies Research strive to remain at the forefront of today’s technologies but also wish to provide the end-users, whether professional or serious home researcher, the most quality oriented product available. While we are often asked about the durability and longevity of the instruments, it is through constant and ongoing investigation and improvement of not only our [...]

New Important article in “The Electric Human”, Section 3 – Q&A, explaining Frequency Technology usage at night!

One of the most common questions asked by users personally experimenting with resonant frequency technology for health benefits has to do with "nighttime" use.  Understanding most of us have busy schedules and late night most definitely seems to be the most convenient for many. Unfortunately, our bodies are suppose to be carrying on OTHER processes as we sleep, and instrument [...]

Fall of the House of Pharma

The behemoth that has become conventional medicine, despite its size and control, is collapsing under its own weight. Regardless of its monumental funding, endless hype and propaganda, the implied promises of revolutionary and successful cures simply have not been fulfilled. Instead, they have brought only a new wealth of misfortune, despair, and complications often far worse than the original ailment or [...]

The Connection of Body, Mind, Spirit

Noted Indian philosopher and spiritualist Jiddu Krishnamuriti wrote:  "It is no measure of health to be well adjusted to a profoundly sick society" Today’s society, both social and environmental, is placing an incredible burdensome load on our physical health, our psyche, and our overall growth and evolution as a culture.  Our bodies are unfortunately adjusting! Although many consider these issues totally separate, in actuality, [...]

Molecular Signatures

As accessibility to affordable quality health care is drastically declining, as cost of medications are becoming prohibitive, as medications are becoming increasingly toxic with alarming side effects and contraindications being the norm rather than the exception, “natural” is increasingly becoming a more attractive, if not the ONLY option for those truly concerned about their own health and wellness. Pulsed Technologies Research, LLC [...]

The SuperBugs Are Here

A growing concern within the medical industry that has been receiving much attention lately is the decreasing effectiveness of our antibiotics and the increasing resistance that many pathogens are developing against them. Because of factors such as excessive and unnecessary use, humans now have almost rendered their antibiotic treatments useless. Germs are becoming more and more resistant over time as [...]

Electro-Pollution and Earth Resonance

Our Earth is being constantly bombarded with approximately 50 flashes of lightening each and every second. Each flash creates an electromagnetic wave that begins circling the earth within the cavity of our atmosphere between the earth’s surface and a boundary of charged particles some 60 miles up. These waves of similar wavelength, combine, increasing in strength, to form a repeating [...]

The ELECTRIC HUMAN – Announcement

Jimmie Holman, Steve Haltiwanger and PulsedTech associates take great pleasure in bringing the first formal release of The Electric Human - Electro-Therapeutic Approaches to Disease Management and Health Maintenance. The Electric Human is being presented FREE in an electronic form with individual components being available for easy online reading, download, or even local personal printing. While initially envisioned for conventional printing and secured e-book commercial [...]

10 BUYING CONSIDERATIONS for Resonant Frequency and Precision Pulsed Plasma Instruments

Introduction Selecting and purchasing Rife or resonant frequency instruments for personal needs can be a daunting task. Hype, incorrect explanations and outright misinformation often dominate the conversation to the point of blinding the inquirer so much that it becomes difficult to tell good information from bad. This was our personal experience over two decades ago when we came to this [...]

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