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Lyme Testimonial Pulsed Tech/zyto

Born Clinic Grand_Rapids MI Pulsed Tech And ZYTO Jordan It Really Works

Accelerated wound healing, Mononucleosis crushing, Candida remediation

back pain GONE and saying goodbye to acid reflux

Born Clinic Grand Rapids MI Pulsed Tech. Jordan It really works

Candida Testimonial for the PFG2Z from Pulsed Technologies

DC Lyme Energy Medicinie Speech

Energy Healing Through Nutrients And Signaling Expert Dr. Haltiwanger

Finger Doctor, Using Rife to Heal

FLU Testimonial for Pulsed Technologies

Hep, C, Athsma, Edema, Acid Reflux, Candida Testimonial

Holistic Lyme Approach Traditional Diagnosis

Lyme Experience Pulsed Technologies PFG2Z

Lyme The Great Masquerader.wmv

MRSA Testimonial P3Pro/PFG2Z

New Rife Philosophy, Thoughts and How Do DIY

P3Pro Effect on Plant Over 3 Weeks

P3Pro Pulsed Technologies for DOGS!

Pain and Flexibility Improvements Soon After Injury

Perfect Lyme Strategy for Chronic Lyme Using Energy Medicine

Questions and Answers from Emails @ Energy Medicine

Quick Fracture Healing

Rife Machine and Lyme Symptoms

Rife Testimonial for Candida P3Pro Pulsed Technologies

RIFE-Mind Blowing Lecture

P3Pro High Frequency Verification!  Truerife Beamray BCX Ultra Time to Show Yourself

Toltec My Most interesting Testimonial

Treating a Fawn Doe with the P3Pro

Weightloss, the Easy Way.

“Wizard Machine” that Works Like Taking Medicine

Zyto Biofeedback Plus Rife for Colds and Flu