Members and associates of the Pulsed Technologies group are often asked if our PFG Lab control software will run on a Mac.  The PFG Lab software is PulsedTech’s universal control software used across essentially all their product line. The response from sales or support has typically been something to the effect that PFG Lab was specifically written for Microsoft Windows and that the support staff is trained for that environment.

Apple’s transition to the Intel based platform with their PCs and Notebook computers has however allowed for more possibilities.  In fact, PFG Lab WILL MOST DEFINITELY WILL RUN within Apple’s environment on most of their later PC devices running OS X and beyond.

While Pulsed Technologies currently still will focus technical support on product in the Windows environment, Mr. Paul Dorneanu has prepared a guide with video to assist Mac users in a relatively painless install so they too can enjoy the feature rich capabilities PFG Lab provides.


Can PFG Lab run on a Mac

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