One of the most common questions asked by users personally experimenting with resonant frequency technology for health benefits has to do with “nighttime” use.  Understanding most of us have busy schedules and late night most definitely seems to be the most convenient for many. Unfortunately, our bodies are suppose to be carrying on OTHER processes as we sleep, and instrument use may interfere, postpone, prevent, or neutralize the function and benefits of those processes. In some cases, the person may be worse off than if they hadn’t used the instruments at all.  “Can I use the frequency equipment at night when I am sleeping?” in Section 3 (Questions & Answers) of “The Electric Human”, begins the discussion, the first of several articles planned on the subject, on why one should NOT use resonant frequency instruments during nighttime sleep.  Over the next several months we have planned to share more about what could prove very beneficial to enhance daytime use and get the very most of these precious nighttime hours.