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Cofounders Mr. Jimmie Holman and Mr. Paul Dorneanu, Pulsed Technologies Research, LLC (USA) and Bioenergetics & Pulsed Technologies SRL (EU)

The Pulsed Technologies worldwide team would like to welcome you to the Pulsed Technologies Research website. This educational website is maintained separate from the instrument sales site to help provide needed technical, conceptual, comparative, and non-equipment specific information as well as to personally see what is going on behind the scenes in the way of these amazing and continually evolving technologies.

While we are closely affiliated with Pulsed Technologies equipment from both a planning and design perspective, our focus is largely on implementation and improvement of existing designs and discovering new uses for the underlying technology including custom designs for specialized and commercial applications. The latest public versions of Pulsed Technologies equipment can be found at the PulsedTechnologies.com, PulsedTech.com, and PulsedTech.RO websites

Pulsed Technologies Team

This Pulsed Technologies project was built as a combined effort of Mr. Jimmie Holman of Dallas, Texas, Mr. Paul Dorneanu of Bucharest, Romania, members of the PulsedTech staff, and countless associate contributors desiring to share far more technologically advanced and sound offerings into a market that has previously been largely founded on myth, hype, misinformation, and opportunism.  Mr. Holman and Mr. Dorneanu have assembled a team made up of a number of unique participants and employees who also share the same enthusiasm, goals, and passion to bring the end-user the very best products for what are often unique, very personal, and critical needs.

The Principals & Staff

Haltiwanger and Thomas

Associate Dr. Steve Haltiwanger mentoring Engineering Research Assistant Thomas Drake in some of the finer points of Dark Field Microscopy

Mr. Holman’s investigation began around 1993 with Dorneanu complementing his effort around 1998.  Both parties, guided by science and technology, brought unique backgrounds together to help solve their common interests and goals.

While Mr. Holman’s background has largely been in highly proprietary (often classified) engineering, technical research, and development backgrounds, Mr. Dorneanu provided the much needed human and computer interfacing skill sets needed to allow the powerful, but usable capabilities to the end-users across an almost unlimited number of disciplines and technical research needs. Custom configurations and interesting working relationships have seen “special need” driven innovations and improvements which would likely not have occurred had they only been trying to focus on “one purpose” technology.

Driven by a young, energetic and innovative group, working strategically with and carefully guided by seasoned, eminently qualified business professionals and technical associates, the PulsedTech team  continues to move forward in all phases of technical development. The team works closely with associates from many different disciplines and specialties to provide insight that might be missed by those focusing on a much narrower path. The inquisitive nature of youth, guided by exceptional experience has proven to be a remarkable combination with remarkable results.

BioEnergetics Research & Develpment Advances Cover

A detailed article about Dorneanu and Holman’s journey is available HERE

Dr. Ivan Danhof & Daniel Drake

Engineering and Research Assistant Daniel Drake being briefed by legendary Dr. Ivan Danhof (considered the Father of Aloe Vera) regarding planned biological experiments and studies

Radu DAN

Chief Engineer Radu Calin DAN testing in-house equipment in Bucharest office

Both Holman and Dorneanu were well known as major stakeholders to the earlier RIFEforLIFE company which created the original PPET (Precision Pulsed Electronic Transfer) technology which was the first vast step away from the common EMEM type systems available then (and still common from most other Rife manufacturers).

Introduction to Rife.com Website

RifeDesktopBackgroundFor many years Dorneanu and Holman maintained the popular “IntroductionToRife.com” website to help educate new users into the technical aspects and considerations necessary for a responsible evaluation for what may be needed for their unique requirements. This critical information, if present at all, has often been lost amongst the hype, myth, and legend that has become known as “Rife Technology”. On many websites … the “hype” is all that is offered with little serious validation or reference to the underlying science. The IntroductionToRife website was our first effort to better technically educate the public, but is now being replaced with this far more up to date Pulsed Technologies Research website.

This Website as a RESOURCE

This Pulsed Technologies Research website, with the participation of the extended PulsedTech team intends to FAR surpass any previous effort to bring those interested a much better glimpse into this fascinating science.

Please note: …. Because this is a constantly evolving and interactive site as well as a collaboration platform for ongoing proprietary research with development partners, not all areas are always, or will be, accessible. We will continue, however, to freely share with the public, any and all non-proprietary developments as they become available.

Again… we would like to welcome you to the Pulsed Technologies Research website. Thank you for visiting, please feel free to comment within the appropriate website areas and to contact us directly via the Contact area. Please let us know your thoughts.

The Pulsed Technologies Research website is a project of the Pulsed Technologies worldwide team.