Pulsed Technologies’ Devices

P3Pro Development

P3 2009

Client Designed Custom P3 Case

Toxic Mold System

Darkfield Microscope Research System

Patch Imprinting

Precision Pulsed Light Emitting Diodes, PPLED

Precision Pulsed Light Emitting Diodes 1st Generation

Early Imprinting & Specialized Application

Enclosure Manufacturing

HV Tubes

HV Tubes

Tube-Plasma Patterns

Tube-Plasma Patterns

Early Tube Development

Specialty Tubes

Software Screenshots

Product Support

Customer Disasters

Dirty Fan Replacement

Dirty Fan Replacement

Out of Production Devices



Pulsed Plasma Energy Transfer

Pulsed Plasma Energy Transfer

Attachments & Accessories

Auricular Electrode Clips

Disposable Mouth Probe

Imprintable Colloidal Silver

Immersable Electrodes

PPLED Plasma Attachment




Allred Tubes

Paul Dorneanu & Pulsed Plasma Energy Transfer

Full Spectrum Pulser

Localized Application

Older Rife

Bare-Rife Systems

Bare-Rife Tube Wrapping

The Bare-Rife Days

Experimenter Kit

Transportable Bare-Rife

Rife Briefcase

Early Bare-Rife

Rife Station

Rife Station Build

Rife Tubes