Project Description

On June 30th, 2012 a physicians roundtable was hosted by Gus and Beverly Kotsanis at the Kotsanis Institute in Dallas/Ft Worth. Approximately 40 of today’s leading innovators and specialists of many disciplines participated in this age‐old, common sense, and practical approach to one of today’s biggest health problems.

The initial Actouarious Dietary & Herbal Cancer Protocol DRAFT was made publicly available and distributed shortly after the June, 2012 Physicians Roundtable. The Actouarious protocol itself by (Kotsanis/Agapiou/Kotsanis) was embedded within a larger document prepared by Pulsed Technologies (Holman/Dorneanu) which also included the protocol enhancement and support mechanisms intended to explain and provide significant delivery, uptake, and utilization of the components of the protocol itself. Over the years, most questions and interest we have received has dealt with the physics of this enhanced delivery and utilization by electronic means and its application to other protocols.
At the request of the original Actouarious protocol developers, the original embedded protocol, has been REMOVED from this document. However, Pulsed Technologies’ important “Enhancement and Support via Electronic Means” strategies section remains and is applicable to not simply the original Actouarious Protocol, but virtually any supplementation/delivery/utilization protocol including conventional allopathic strategies, especially those used when dealing with Cancer.
With that in mind, please consider the symbiotic and synergistic enhancement the electronic mechanisms may add to whatever strategy or protocol you may choose.