I wish I could honestly say that the PulsedTech VSG was born of entirely altruistic values ….. BUT IT WASN’T!

Even though many of the various practitioners and clients have shared their deep concerns, needs and desires about electro-sensitivities and the related problems with me over the years, I had never really paid that much attention even though I had looked into and personally worked in specific areas of the “potentially offending” technologies.  Literally growing up and living around, being constantly exposed to all sorts of electronics, transmitters, high-power lines and such, I never really noticed or considered the effects these electromagnetic fields (EMF) exposures might have or might have had on myself or others. Throughout most of my technical and professional life, these things just never seemed to be a serious personal issue, and in my mind, the situation was an occupational hazard at worst.

Especially over the last few years, I have been repeatedly informed by many practitioners who began seeing an alarming number of what seemed to be electromagnetically sensitive clients, and that the situation appeared to be exploding exponentially as time has gone on. I was regularly asked by those who we have close relationships if I knew much about the matter or if I was aware of anything that could be done. Working on so many other projects and realizing the world and our environment is not really going to “electromagnetically change” for the better, it never really seemed like an immediate high priority item … at least NOT AT THE TIME!


VitaSet Generator – VitaSet Solutions     Holman     2015

Announcement     Pulsed Technologies’ VSG – VitaSet Generator

Electro-Pollution and Earth Resonance 

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Anatomy & Inspiration for Design of Today's VitaSet

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