Barry Allred Speciality Plasma Tubes

The Holman-Dorneanu team worked closely for many years with speciality Rife tube manufacturer Barry Allred to come up with many innovative and unique designs pushing the processes of leaded glass Rife tubes to the limits.

Sadly, Barry is no longer with us but his efforts will be both missed and fondly remembered.  Many folks literally owe their lives to the superior performance of his plasma tubes.

Paul Dorneanu and Jimmie Holman maintain Barry’s website as both a tribute and a memorial to the Barry and the contributions he made to the advancement of the technology. His website is accessable at

Barry Allred’s Comments on the GETTERS incorporated into his tubes

Before his untimely death, Pulsed Tech team worked closely with Barry on various technical aspects, pressures, vacuums, mixes, and even glass seasoning


In answer to your inquiries about an internal electrode getter, here is what I can offer as to an explanation. The coating most commonly used is barium strontium carbonate, which is reduced to barium strontium oxide during the heating of the tube manufacture. The oxide coating is a good source of free electrons. In laymen’s terms, the getter works as a scavenger inside the tube which is heated 100’s of degrees to drive out and open the deep layers of the glass.

As the glass is heated, the electrodes turn cherry red, thus breaking down the barium inside the tube, which is trapped within the walls when it cools back down. After the tube is vacuumed, then gassed, and pressured, then the tube is sealed. This can leave a small impurity in the tube, from the hand torch. Having barium inside the tube, enables the tube to age in on a burn in transformer, usually 60 milliamps. After the heat inside the tube dissipates and the tube begins to burn cool, it is ready to be shipped.

A tube that has been properly pumped will have very little heat with better impedance for a cleaner signal. Ceramic collars are used to keep the gases clean and to keep down impurities.

When a tube is properly pumped and aged, a tube will last 30 years. I have been bending and processing for over 30 years, and have tubes in service that are still burning.

Barry Allred