The Beam Ray produced in Alabama by Lynn Kenny has long been known in the Rife community as a staple but without much if any technical information being given. The Pulsed Tech research team decided to have an in depth examination to analyze the pros and cons of this once popular unit with close analysis of frequency accuracy, wave analysis, and characteristics of spurious emission output.  Shown here is Senior Engineering Assistant Daniel Drake putting the Beam Ray through its paces under the close supervision of Jimmie Holman. Close attention was paid to:

  • Frequency Accuracy
  • Purity of Waveform
  • Spurious Emissions (interference)
  • Gas Mixture (mercury concerns)
  • Purity of Photonic Output

It is beyond the scope or intent of these simple gallery photos to provide a technical and critical analysis. However, while we found the unit to be surprisingly well made, we found alarming and disturbing results in almost every aspect of technical analysis we performed. We would NOT be so bold as to assume the company’s reasoning for the design decisions which were obviously made, but obviously raised great concerns with us.