The EMEM-type devices were our early entries into the NON-RF (Radio Frequency)/Non-Bare-Rife marketplace.  This “Briefcase Rife” represented a “simple but solid” system by which persons could begin experimentation and use into the realm of Resonant Frequency and Plasma Research. This was a very affordable solution for many folks need and requirements.  Like all EMEM systems it is unfortunately very limited to lower frequencies typical of the Rife communities “CAFL” frequency lists.  It should be noted that MOST systems currently on the market still use designs with performance limitations similar to this.


* For those interested in “afford-ably” duplicating this technology, Pulsed Technologies Research, LLC will be working closely with Bioenergetics and Pulsed Technologies, SRL to make an “Experimenter Kit” once again available as part of the “Poor Man’s Rife – HV Plasma Project”.  This is currently being discussed in the blog/forum area elsewhere on this website.