Pulsed Technologies has long made it an effort to examine in detail and perform investigative and critical analysis of as many different devices as possible.  Many have been downright “disappointing” … some have been horrifying.

The devices shown in these pics are a very popular, very common device … which has been sold via multi-level marketing schemes in one form or another and advertised heavily in various health magazines by the independent distributors.

These devices were ALWAYS meant to “target” the Rife community. Admittedly they probably have their place and work to a certain degree BUT certainly have their technical deficiencies. Internal examination clearly indicated there really hadn’t been much change over time, few, if any improvements. Many names this general device has been sold under.

AstroPulse, BioSolutions, Electrospectrum, Energy Wellness, Global Wellness, NatureTronics, Wellness Pro and probably other names as well. All versions we’ve examined had the same disclaimers, virtually the same markings, layout, documentation, warning notices and the reasons WE had them were ALL the same …. the owners had broken units and the companies/distributors they were purchased from were unable to repair or replace.

It is our opinion these should only be use by folks with minimal resources and skill sets, but never for treatment of or targeting of pathogens in critical or life threatening situations. The technical design is such that the person can (and most likely WILL) see improvements but can also create a situation (mutations) that the system is NOT capable of addressing.

The general frequency ranges in which this works are low with the rise times, under typical operating conditions, being EXTREMELY slow.

It has been known by practical researchers, good “rise times” (on the front end of the waveform) are considered much less than 20 microseconds (single digit preferred) …with anything over 20 microseconds being recognized and filtered out by the body within a short period of time. The latest “Wellness Pro” being measured here has a rise time of approximately 750 microseconds.

The “ease and simplicity of use” is unfortunately more than offset by the technical problems and effectiveness of biological/physiological applications.

As a first step “educational tool” it is a good, although expensive, first step. As a device for critical needs … the person should probably investigate some more before purchase.