“First do no harm”

It is a popular misconception that the phrase “First do no harm” is a part of the Hippocratic oath. In fact, the phrase is believed to have originated with the 19th-century surgeon Thomas Inman.  While the ideals of Hippocrates are still very much what the public envisions and expects, the “business” of western medicine has unfortunately come to better represent what is more often delivered.  The trust and moral guidelines which define modern medicine may not be as well deserved as we hope.  Allopathy as we know it today has wavered far from its ancient altruistic origins, but what has evolved, at least in western medicine has too often become a business with the focus being on the financial interests rather than the original healing art.

Before we go further, it must be explained that this exposé does not intend to attack or blame anyone. That will be left to the readers for their own assessments.  This short article only attempts to present the facts and events of history that brought us to where we are today. The insight the reader gleans from this should likely allow them able to better make better informed decisions about their own personal health choices and directions now and on into the future. 

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The Hypocrisy of Allopathy

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