Pictorial Assembly Guide

The original “Poor Man’s Rife Plasma Project” done years ago has been requested by users over and over as a gateway tool to better learn and understand the concepts and benefits of precision pulsed plasma (P3) technology.

While these devices IN NO WAY significantly compare with ANY of today’s Pulse Technologies plasma devices, they definitely offer the user a very affordable hands on experience to better understand, recognize, and realize the potential of this continually developing area of study. What the questioner should be asking is “What is the Real difference and capabilities in this simple device and most of the other “available” Rife devices being marketed … regardless of price?”   We believe you will be “SHOCKED” when you realize the answer!  Part 4 of the Poor Man’s Rife Plasma Project is planned to discuss technical details and differences.

In maintaining Pulsed Tech’s quality image, even with this modest design, we wanted to make available to users a very foolproof, simple yet elegant design second to none. We worked closely with European designers to provide a high quality proprietary custom quartz tube specifically for this modular electronics arrangement. The simplicity and practicality by design allows the user to focus on personal needs and use rather than technical construction. Modular design allows for fast, easy and affordable) replacement and customization by the user should the need arise.

While the assembled kit ideally works with any of Pulsed Technologies PFG series of function generators, most off-the-shelf generators will likely work to varying degrees depending on their capabilities. Of special note to current or planned PFG owners, we will be including a new module within our PFG Lab software specifically for the experimenter kit tailored to provide extra protections for its specific operating ranges and to maximize its performance within those ranges.

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As part of the special arrangements made with Pulsed Tech (Europe) for making the Experimenter Kit available through their distribution channels, it has been agreed that the purchaser will have become, through assembly and hands-on use, an “educated consumer”. It has always been our belief that an educated consumer is the very best of consumers.  For that reason, if any of the Experimenter Kit original buyers decide to later upgrade or purchase any of the Pulsed Technologies P3 series devices, (P3, P3+, or P3pro), you will receive full credit paid for the Experimenter Kit toward the purchase of any Pulsed Tech P3 instrument….  AND … you keep the Experimenter Kit to share with a friend!



As like most “kits”, the PMR HV Experimenter’s Kit comes with absolutely NO WARRANTY or claims, although each and every component is carefully checked and verified to be fully operated before shipping. Because of the intended “experimental environment” and various levels of knowledge and skill sets of the purchasers, it isn’t practical or feasible to warranty the device. This simple design however does allow for very affordable in-field repairs and Pulsed Tech will endeavor to keep all critical components in inventory should they be needed by owners at a future date.

PMR Experimenter Kit Assembly

PMR Experimenter Kit Pic 2

PMR Experimenter Kit Pic 3

Experimenter Kit Components

  •          Plasma Tube with End Caps
  •          HV Coil (pre-wired)
  •          Driver Circuitry (pre-wired)
  •          Power Supply
  •          Lexan Enclosure
  •          Hardware (Tie-Wraps, Screws, Nuts, Spacers, Washers, Tube Mounts, Adhesive Feet)

Remove protective plastic from parts and familiarize yourself with all basic components

Tube Mounts

PMR Experimenter Kit Pic 4.4

Affix Tube Mount to Enclosure with large Tie-Wraps


PMR Experimenter Kit Pic 5

Start Tube Mount Tie-Wrap (1 or 2 “clicks” ONLY!)

PMR Experimenter Kit Pic 6


Electronices Modules

PMR Experimenter Kit Pic 7

Driver Module & HV Coil are Pre-Wired (and Pre-Tested)


HV Coil Mounting

PMR Experimenter Kit Pic 8

Slide HV Coil into position


PMR Experimenter Kit Pic 9

Use provided Screws, Washers, Nuts, and Spaces to mount as shown in following photos


PMR Experimenter Kit Pic 10

Note: innermost mounts require extra spacer on some coil assemblies.


PMR Experimenter Kit Pic 11

When possible, kits will utilize the black coil shown in this photo with the simpler/firmer mounting.

PMR Experimenter Kit Pic 12

Driver Electronics Mounting

PMR Experimenter Kit Pic 13

PMR Experimenter Kit Pic 14

Mount Electronic Driver Module aligning between holes as shown


PMR Experimenter Kit Pic 15

Affix snuggly with Tie-Wraps to enclosure as shown


PMR Experimenter Kit Pic 16

Cable Routing & Tie-Down

PMR Experimenter Kit Pic 17

Route cables as shown and Tie-Wrap in place using holes on lower lip


PMR Experimenter Kit Pic 18

Route Tube electrodes wires through top of case as shown


Tube Mounting & Connection

PMR Experimenter Kit Pic 19

Carefully remove protective End Cap from Plasma Tube ends


PMR Experimenter Kit Pic 20


PMR Experimenter Kit Pic 21

Carefully route Plasma Tube though loops on Tube Mounts.



PMR Experimenter Kit Pic 22

Carefully retract mesh sleeve to expose stripped Electrode Wire.


PMR Experimenter Kit Pic 23

Firmly but delicately attach wires to tube electrodes on end of tube



PMR Experimenter Kit Pic 24

Position and Center tube on assembly. Snug up the incorporated Tie-Wrap to firmly hold tube in place


PMR Experimenter Kit Pic 25

Holding wire in place, replace End Cap over tube and electrode


PMR Experimenter Kit Pic 26

Note: Fragile Tubule should be pointed DOWN for best protection


PMR Experimenter Kit Pic 27

Clip off excess Tie-Wrap from Tube Mount


Feet Installation

PMR Experimenter Kit Pic 28

Apply adhesive Rubber Feet to bottom lip of unit (as shown)


PMR Experimenter Kit Pic 29


PMR Experimenter Kit Pic 30


Time to connect power, signal and give it the “Smoke Test”

PMR Experimenter Kit Pic 31

Download Experimenter Kit Assembly Instructions

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