We dedicate this book to YOU the readers, the experimenters,
the researchers, the true Pioneers!.

Without your personal needs, this book would not be necessary.

Without your requests, this information might not have ever been collected.

Without your feedback, we wouldn’t have known if it was useful.

With your continued input, we WILL continue to share as we evolve.



It has been a real pleasure to have worked with and observed both Jimmie Holman and Steve Haltiwanger for the better part of 15 years in this truly interesting field of exploration. It is fortunate that their quite unique paths have crossed and these wonderful connections and collaborations have been made.

While Steve’s credentials and experience have been heavily buried in medicine and nutrition, I’ve seen he has relentlessly maintained a career-long reputation for investigating both the documented and undocumented sources of alternatives and is always seeking out the best solutions, conventionally accepted OR NOT! Steve has both private as well as institutional practical experience. However, many say that his most important background experience and expertise shines in his understanding and presentation of the electrical nature of physiology.

Jimmie Holman comes from a largely closed and covert environment. Jimmie has been exclusively involved, since approximately 1969, in proprietary and typically classified research and development. He has worked in many areas of highly technical design including electronic warfare, electronic surveillance, signal intelligence, exotic signal processing, advanced supercomputer development, and specialized studies for both domestic and foreign governments and agencies. Jimmie has been actively researching resonant frequency technologies and resonant frequency plasmas for biological and energetic use since approximately 1995.

The unique language, communication and cooperation I watched develop between Steve and Jimmie was something the great Nikola Tesla implied over 100 years ago, and would be needed before true understanding and progress in the field of advanced electrotherapy could come about. In both Steve and Jimmie’s words, “the special worldwide resources we’ve developed, and unique experiences each of us has encountered and developed over our lifetimes has given us a perspective likely missed by most others this last century.”

As NEITHER are “practitioner” or “medical engineer”, nor restricted by the exhaustive limitations imposed by those specific fields. Steve and Jimmie combined together are uniquely capable of researching, interpreting and presenting a perspective truly understandable and usable by practitioners, researchers, designers, laypeople and end-users alike.

With The Electric Human, they hope to better enlighten and educate the reader by sharing the fundamental and common sense principals to better understand, strategize, and utilize the resources available to better maintain the health and wellness we all desire.


              Paul Dorneanu – Bucharest, Romania, 2013


About This Book

The Electric Human is a dynamic book …. A book which will hopefully always be a “work in progress”

By the time most technical books are published, in most part already contain information out of date or obsolete. I am sure EH is no exception. Things change, and our wish is to constantly improve and evolve.

Because The Electric Human is a virtual electronic book, the limitations of printing and commercial distribution are non-existent. Because it is neither a typical physical printed nor electronic e-book, it can incorporate without limitations, exceptional color and graphics greatly enhancing comprehension of technical issues.

Because of the unique architecture and format in which it is being made available, the reader may view and read online, download all, or simply the individual parts desired. The selected content can be printed for reference use, or even made conveniently available in a tablet.

The contents will be regularly added to and updated.  For that reason, the Table of Contents for the various sections will be also be dynamic and be separately printable.  Dates rather than page numbers will be used to better recognize new or updated content.

The many personal messages I’ve received through our Blog area on the website have let us know how badly this type information is needed. Whether the person was an experimenter, patient, alternative practitioner, doctor, scientist, researcher or even other manufacturer, it became clear there was an absence of easy to understand, pertinent material.

On behalf of Steve, Paul, and myself, I sincerely hope you enjoy the new format and content, and your feedback will help us determine what components and articles are needed next.

Thank you for your support.


Jimmie Holman


The proverbial “spark of life” was undoubtedly an electric spark.  Although the public has largely considered the metabolic functions of life to be mostly chemical in nature, few people really investigate or recognize how virtually all functions and conditions of life are fundamentally ELECTRICAL in nature. The educational background and crossovers between the sciences, for the most part, have been over-simplified to the point of leaving the masses ignorant and incapable of correlating seemingly obvious information into a practical utility. We will find that, at least in part, this induced ignorance has been intentional. I dare say, the readers of this will likely be the best new liaisons and technical translators between the communities. At the very least, the reader will have gained a new perspective for their own health, treatments, and a better understanding of human physiology and how it reacts with the natural and electromagnetic world.

Sometime in 1889, the famed Nikola Tesla became determined to enter into a systematic investigation with the electrical nature of the human body from an electro-therapeutic point of view.  Throughout the 1890s and on into the early 1900s, Tesla spoke publicly about the therapeutic characteristics of high frequency and the body’s amazing ability to inherently tolerate it. Most interesting of all, he spoke of the separation between those who were capable of understanding the science and those in the research and practice of medicine. He identified the need then for cooperation and communication of these distinctly separate fields before practical use could be made from the underlying science.  My, how little has changed over the last century.

While it remained for the physician to investigate the specific actions on the organism and indicate proper methods of treatment, the various ways of applying these currents to the body of a patient suggested themselves readily to the electrician


Change throughout history has rarely occurred fast with the exception of catastrophic natural events such as volcanoes, asteroids, etc.  Man evolves and adapts rather slowly. Acceptance of ideas is a process until the new idea becomes “self-evident”. Ideas today are both helped and often hampered by politics and threatening special interests.

The light of human progress is not a dim glow that gradually becomes more luminous with time. The panorama of human evolution is illuminated by sudden bursts of dazzling brilliance in intellectual accomplishments that throw beams far ahead to give us a glimpse of the distant future, that we may more correctly guide our wavering steps today.
1944 – Prodigal Genius by J. O’Neill
We live in a wonderful time for rapid change. Global travel and instant communications have afforded us that opportunity.

Never before in history have so many puzzle pieces been laid out on the table before us; nor has our access to information and communications with like-minded others been better.  History, science, theory, even medical research has been providing us those individual pieces for centuries … many of the pieces seemingly unrelated.

We must realize there are some folks (“Big Pharma”) also seated at the table with a few of the pieces neatly concealed in their pockets. They go through the motions of contributing while always concealing, observing, and often times misleading diligent workers. Big Pharma are those who do whatever is necessary to protect THEIR best interests, at ANY cost. These observing concealers are often pharmaceutical companies, and to some extent, the conventional western medical industry.

Most folks remain unaware of the existence, purpose or the function of these deceivers.  This ignorance, largely brought about by attitude, is somewhat changing as more and more people are adversely affected.  This influence and effect on society is also becoming more apparent as the scandals perpetrated by these deceivers continue to emerge into the public limelight. The purpose of this text is not to re-educate or convince the reader of this, but rather to bring the issues, facts and the underlying science to the table. We will then help explain the puzzle pieces on the table, their relationships, what we know about those pieces AND what we know about those pieces that are either concealed or missing.  Most importantly, we will assist the reader and provide them with the available references so that the broad picture and relationships of the technologies and science can be more clearly seen and allow them to make more informed decisions.

It has been said, “A picture is worth a thousand words.” As it emerges before the reader, it is the picture AND the words that pose threats to those deceivers standing to the side who will be, in the end, left standing with only those concealed pieces which will be of little value. The value of those pieces (and associated prices) was largely in the PRECEIVED fact that they were an only solution protected by patents.

Let’s ignore those deceivers and in these next pages, and begin to focus on the REAL science, the REAL pictures and the REAL relationships of this emerging technology.

History has repeatedly shown that even with some pieces missing, the “true” picture cannot be fully hidden and WILL eventually emerge as self-evident!

Jimmie Holman

[1] Tesla, Nikola, High Frequency Oscillators for Electro-Therapeutic and Other Purposes  presentation to the American Electro-Therapeutic Association, Buffalo, NY,  Sept 15, 1898