Table of Contents

Acknowledgements                                                                    9

Forward                                                                                         10
About This Book                                                                          11
0-1  Introduction                                                                       12         Tesla Lectures
Identification of Problem separation between electrical science
and practicing medicine
Changes in last century
Financial Potential
The Request
Section 1 – History & Foundations

1-1  Overview & History                                                                                                        15        (Overview)
Electro-Medicine through the Ages
Tesla and the 20th Century
Violet Ray – to the 20th Century
Royal Raymond Rife


1-2  Politics & Suppression                                                                                                  23
Historical Suppression of Technology
Royal Raymond Rife
Other Historical Foundations
Allopathy vs. Homeopathy
American Medical Association
Crimes of Morris Fishbein
A “Great Name” Who Will Live In History (Linus Pauling)




1-3  A New “Direction”                                                                                                                       33           “It’s Not My Fault” Attitude
A New Direction for Thought
Scientists or Technicians
Role of Information in Society
Self Education and Personal Research
You as a researcher
The Philosophical Side of the Technology
Proposed Research and Development


1-4  Electric Approach to Physiology                                                                                                        41
When We Consider “Rife Technology”
A Discussion on Cellular Energy
Concepts of Energy and Information
Wireless Delivery of Power
Energy Transfer and Manipulation
Homeopathy / Electronic frequency Similarities


1-5  Summary                                                                                                                                                                        42
How We Got Here … Where We Are Going …. The Path to Get There



SECTION 2 – Physics & Physiology

Dr. Steve Haltiwanger and Jimmie Holman describe in both technical and layman terms the underlying electrical, chemical and energetic processes of and the relationship to biological operation and wellness. An emphasis is placed on making these sometimes abstract concepts easy to understand from any perspective, be it scientist, doctor, patient. An understanding of these basic concepts will allow the user to better strategize and utilize these emerging and developing technologies for effective personal use.

SECTION 3 – Strategies & Considerations

Stratergies and Considerations

Questions & Answers


SECTION 4 – Reference Articles & Papers

Blog Articles




SECTION 5 – Integrative Approach
SECTION 6  – Appendix