The Electric Human – Section VI

//The Electric Human – Section VI
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Nikola Tesla Patents – Click Here

Bare     US05908441     Resonant Frequency Therapy Device
Bare     US06221094     Resonant Frequency Therapy Device
Cadossi & Marazzi     US4683873     Method and Device for Treating Living Tissues and/or Cells by Means of Pulsating Electromagnetic Fields
Chang     US4822470     Method of and Apparatus for Cell Poration and Cell Fusion Using Radio Frequency Electrical Pulses
Costa & Hoffman     US4665898     Malignancy Treatment
Crane     1973830,587     Means and Processes for Polution Control     (92 pgs)
Dawson     US3965008     Portable Water Sterilization Device
Ellis     US4019510     Therapeutic Method of Using Low Intensity Direct Current Generator with Polarity Reversal
Findl & Milch     US4428366      Electromagnetic Apparatus and method for the Reduction of Serum Glucose Levels
Flanagan     US3393279     Nervous System Excitation Device (not currently available)
Forrest     US5248437     Method for the Magnetic Inhibition of Protista
Gordon     US4106488     Cancer Treatment Method
Gordon     US4303636     Cancer Treatment
Gordon     US4622952     Cancer Treatment Method
Hoffmann     US4524074     (not currently available)
Jones592735(1897)     (not currently available)
Kaali     US5188738     Alternating Current Supplied Electrically Conductive Method and System for Treatment of Blood and/or Other Body Fluids with Electric Forces
Kaali     US5137684     (not currently available)
La Comme     US672231(1901)    (not currently available)
Lathrop & Johnston     US5133352     Method for Treating Herpes Simplex
Liboff, McLeod, & Smith     US5437600     Method and Apparatus for the Treatment of Cancer
Middleton & Barnes     US5645697     Preventing Contaminate Build-up in Beer Lines
MyersUS3753866     (not currently available)
Priore     US3280816     Method of Producing Radiations for Penetrating Living Cells
Priore     US3368155     Apparatus for Producing Radiations Penetrating
Ryaby & Pilla     US4266532     Modification of the Growth, Repair and Maintenance Behavior of Living Tissues and Cells by a Specific and Selective Change in Electrical Environment


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