Trends in Practice

Over the course of time it has taken readers and I to observe the upward trends in practice of conventional medical clients turning to alternative therapy applications to reclaim their health, we have been introduced to a list of professionals and practitioners finally making their own adjustments to fit these changes. Now, we arrive at a center that has, since [...]

Embracing & Developing New Trends in Wellness

Although public interest in the procedures and results of alternative health remedies and technologies is becoming more widespread, there are many integrative health professionals who are realizing the difficulties in turning that public interest into public understanding. Aggressive innovation is the primary component to advancing any new and influential knowledge that can affect the way humans perform certain tasks; especially [...]

Understanding the Trends

After finishing my previous article, Trends and Transitions: Bringing Balance to Wellness through Alternative Technologies (2014), which discussed the transformation occurring in the practices of many health care providers adopting more natural treatments and abandoning many ineffective conventional methods, I realized though I had learned much on the developing forms of treatment, I was left with a list of questions that needed [...]

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