Welcome to the new Pulsed Tech Research website. This is a website for YOU, … the reader, … the investigator, … the participant, … anyone interested in looking into and learning more about this amazing emerging and still developing technology.

There is NOTHING for sale on this website!  There is nothing to donate to here! This is our way of humbly giving back to the community that has helped made our research what it is today.


All of the website administrators here are professionally involved with the technology.  Most are heavily involved from the design and implementation perspective and usually the ones working one-on-one with practitioners, scientist, researchers, and in some cases assisting end-users from a technical perspective when needed.  The ABOUT US area will give a glimpse of who we are and our affiliations.

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This BLOG area we hope to be the most insightful, thought provoking, somewhat educational, but more for the exchange of ideas for development. More than anyone, it has been the USERS themselves who have

canstockphoto3578054-300x211thumbThe GALLERY is an ever expanding “scrapbook” history of not only the PulsedTech family, but a documented review of the many areas, devices and people that have been part of our technology’s  evolution.

canstockphoto1492378-300x200 thumbWhile the RESEARCH area is largely under development, it is planned to be the primary platform where we consolidate specific technical information in various areas of study and development. While some areas will be closed because of the proprietary nature of the work, some will be the very place the information is shared and intended to be placed into the public domain.

Electric-Human cover 233x300 thumbThe ELECTRIC HUMAN is a collaborative effort of Jimmie Holman and Dr. Steve Haltiwanger. The majority of which will be of a technical nature and promises to be of great interest to professionals and layman alike. Part one and much of the foundations however, are not technical and give the reader a great overview of the historical and political situations that have brought us as western society to the problems and situations we see today … but also give us insights on how this can be repaired. We are pleased to be able to freely share this content with you.

canstockphoto8831650-300x225thumbAs the REFERENCE LIBRARY‘s name implies, this is many of the technical papers, articles, books, presentations, audios and videos often referenced and footnoted within the articles and manuscripts we write.  Almost all have had at least some effect or been significant inspiration to some aspect of our work.

canstockphoto12125130-300x193 thumbThe LINKS area provides Direct access to additional Websites, Information, Video, and other Resources we believe you will find relivant and important for a better understanding of this science.


Most important … if you like this website, find it useful, or have suggestions for improvements or would just like to get in touch with us, please use the CONTACT area … we will be happy to hear from you!

Jimmie Holman, Paul Dorneanu and the entire PulsedTech team