One of the most popular articles ever published by Holman and Dorneanu was the Poor Man’s Rife (Plasma) Project.

 PMR-HV Plasma Pic
The intent then was to make freely available the information so that the public, (even those with limited means), would never be without the information or the ability to create a device for educational purposes or personal use in times of critical need. Most important, and not so obvious  was our desire for folks to better understand and appreciate critical features and characteristics and most importantly, the differences of devices.


We received more inquires for that simple handout than ANY other post, largely from people wanting to build such a device themselves. Because of the high voltages involved and lack of electrical knowledge, many were reluctant to take on the endeavor themselves … many weren’t. Much one-on-one time was exchanged with individuals but the result was that the information exchanged remained contained to only within those private conversations. The capabilities of website information exchange today are much better and those previous communications limited to the one-on-one conversations can now be expanded via the use of blogs and posts and neighbor helping neighbor.


Even though the article was originally published for “non-commercial” use, at least some “Rife manufacturers” emerged based (apparently solely) on those diagrams.  This simple diagram allowed folks with very limited knowledge to produce and make available a product almost indistinguishable from products with far more embedded technology and foundation. The builder did NOT necessarily have to understand how the device worked to build and have a working and usable device.


The PMR-HV Plasma Experimenter Kit

By request, we have decided to once again resurrect and expand that effort into a very easy project.















We have made arrangements with Pulsed Technologies (Europe) to make an Experimenter Kit available through their normal sales/shipping channels … which will have all the needed simple circuitry and components needed. Open frame architecture to allow for easy user user changes and additions. Each kit is supplied with EASY Step-by-Step pictorial documentation. (Est. Assbly Time 45 min – 1 hr)  All devices are fully tested with the matched components prior to shipping

  • Circuitry – The plasma drive electronic components, input and power and connectors will already be mounted connected together with terminals on parts to be connected elsewhere. All electronic modulse and solder connections have been made for user … NO electronic experience required! Some mechanical screw connections required needing only simple pliers and clippers (or scissors). PMR-HV Plasma Diagram
    This is an original diagram. The Experimenter Kit is now using more optimized and components than shown here. The kit of course comes with the appropriate power supply and cooling fan as needed.
  • Base/Mount – A pre-drilled acrylic base with adhesive feet is provided for component mounting. If you can use a tie-wrap …you can do the final assembly on this device!  [photo of drilled acrylic with protective layer]
  • Plasma Tube – Working with our European team, special arrangement have been made for a small performance straight quartz tube* …. not the leaded glass type typically available. Understand this is not the same proprietary gas mixture available in PulsedTech’s P3 series devices but is the same type tube, custom manufactured by the same specialists, and it has been optimized for the new Experimenter Kit circuitry and expected operating ranges. [Photo of Quartz tube]
  • Special PFG Lab Software (Available) – This Experimenter Kit can be used with other available off the shelf function generators but has been tested and optimized for the PT-PFG2z series devices.  BioEnergetics and Pulsed Technologies, SRL (EU) has written a special fully operational version of the PFG Lab Software for those users who wish to use this Kit with any of the current or past Pulsed Tech PFG devices. (This also includes RIFEforLIFE SquareGEN series devices.) Special Custom PFG Lab software provided (at no charge) to current owners of PT-PFG instruments who wish to add the plasma experience to their existing system. [Screen Shot of Latest PFG Operating Screen]


Some Important Side Notes for Consideration:


Full Credit:  As part of the special arrangements made with Pulsed Tech (Europe) for making the Experimenter Kit available through their distribution channels, it has been agreed that the purchaser will have become, through assembly and hands-on use, an “educated consumer”. It has always been our belief that an educated consumer is the very best of consumers.  For that reason, if any of the Experimenter Kit original buyers decide to later upgrade or purchase any of the Pulsed Technologies P3 series devices, (P3, P3+, or P3pro), you will receive full credit paid for the Experimenter Kit toward the purchase of any PulsedTech P3 device….  AND … you keep the Experimenter Kit to share with a friend!


Warranty:  As like most “kits”, the PMR HV Experimenter’s Kit comes with absolutely NO WARRANTY or claims, although each and every component is carefully checked and fully operated before shipping. Because of the intended “experimental environment” and various levels of knowledge and skill sets of the purchasers, it isn’t practical or feasible to warranty the device. This simple design however does allow for very affordable in-field repairs and Pulsed Tech will endeavor to keep all critical components in inventory should they be needed at a future date.


Note: This SAME kit and circuitry is also used in-house for high voltage HHO experimentation in a “free energy” environment.


* We will be doing an article on tube history, development, evolution and considerations.


Since the writing of Part One, the Pulsed Tech design team decided to bring the PMR up to date. While Part one ‘illustrates pictorially the open configurations which was originally documented years ago, and how one may easily construct a unit from easily obtain attainable components, Part 2 will reveal a new updated,  higher performance kit version PT will be making available for those interested in learning by doing. The simple yet elegant design is one which is affordable, usable, and practical!

Please Visit Part 2 for more info.


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Assembling the PMR-HV Plasma Experimenter’s Kit


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Operating the Plasma Experimenter’s Kit

Video explaining Connection to PFG


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Technical Differences of Devices