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Healing with Electromagnetic and Sound Therapies

With Dr. Nenah Sylver's graceous permisson, we are very pleased to be able to distribute  in full, Appendix C from the latest version of The Rife Handbook of Frequency Therapy and Holistic Health.  Dr. Sylvers massive handbook has become "the" reference for those interested in almost any form of the resonant frequency wellness technology. If you have but one book [...]

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Poor Man’s Rife Plasma Project (PART 1 of 4) (and the PMR-HV Plasma Experimenter Kit)

One of the most popular articles ever published by Holman and Dorneanu was the Poor Man's Rife (Plasma) Project. DOWNLOAD PDF   The intent then was to make freely available the information so that the public, (even those with limited means), would never be without the information or the ability to create a device for educational purposes or personal use [...]

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Welcome to the PulsedTech Research Website

Welcome to the new Pulsed Tech Research website. This is a website for YOU, ... the reader, ... the investigator, ... the participant, ... anyone interested in looking into and learning more about this amazing emerging and still developing technology. There is NOTHING for sale on this website!  There is nothing to donate to here! This is our way of humbly [...]

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