Recently, the world of health care has presented many individuals seeking treatment with numerous revolving doors that lead them only to more concerns and unanswered questions about their health conditions. As medical coverage costs escalate, most doctors are capable of only spending little time (on average a total of seven and a half minutes) with their  patients and are therefore unable to completely answer all of their questions and address their personal issues entirely. Alongside inadequate face‐time with care providers, new and more expensive prescriptions that can often be less effective and can carry a list of potentially negative side effects are also compounding the frustration many Americans and others are beginning to feel about conventional western medicine. Inside the fog of this frustration, however, there is a transition gathering force that has sent many of those weighing their options while seeking responsible health care on a journey to locate more economic and successful alternative treatments.

New developing alternative technologies paired with natural supplementary regimens are mitigating the need for patients to steer themselves toward only receiving orthodox treatment. Alternative and integrative practitioners who typically are already educated on these modalities are now implementing their use to provide care for their clients who are finding the results more beneficial and effective. As researcher Jimmie Holman is known to say, “The business of medicine and the healing art are two different things.” He states that the medicine most of us grew up with was a skilled art by concerned family doctors. What has unfortunately developed in today’s world is the “fast food business” of desperately needed medical services, with the delivery of an often inferior or very poor quality product or service. Mr. Holman is one of the primary directors of Pulsed Technologies, a shining company in the field of resonant frequency generation and precision pulsed plasma technologies that offers tools ideal for reclamation. The instruments built and provided by the company, while having many general uses, have been utilized with great satisfaction amongst many health professionals, their patients, and other researchers….

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Trends and Transitions in Health Care

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