The lure of the “magic box” can be overwhelming, especially after many years of failed allopathic treatment.  If previous reliance on conventional methods and systems had worked, the seeker would very likely not be searching for alternative solutions. Too many folks are experiencing the dismal failure of conventional medical treatments to successfully address their personal health challenges. More frequently than not, those conventional treatments come with their own set of NEW adverse effects and long term issues to be monitored and addressed, often placing the patient into a deteriorating spiral of degeneration and hopelessness.

We hear about this scenario almost DAILY. This has unfortunately become the norm for western medicine. As you watch TV and the smiling faces on the next pharmaceutical commercial, be sure to listen to and read (if possible) ALL the side effect notices and warnings. Would these actors really be smiling if they were confronted with these FACTS?

Exhausted, disillusioned, and physically spent, it is no wonder folks often come to alternatives simply looking for a “magic box” cure for their situation.  Having often already lost the ability to think clearly or logically because of prolonged ill-health, their feelings of desperation and hopelessness are understandable, but also the direction they are now turning. By this point, folks or their family are willing to “try anything” to repair a seemingly, now-hopeless situation.


Lure of the Magic Box

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