The Bosnian Pyramids

In early 2016, Pulsed Technologies released the overwhelmingly successful VitaSet Generator (VSG) to the public. A large portion of our latest research revolved around the fundamental relationships of Schuman Resonances and wellness, both physical and mental, but continues deep into the realms of self-healing and personal development. When it was revealed that Schumann Resonances were being measured deep within the [...]

Bosnia Expedition 2017

Pulsed Technologies’ Jimmie Holman and Paul Dorneanu will be in Bosnia-Herzegovina during April 2017 at the Bosnian Pyramids near Visoko just northwest of Sarajevo.  An in-depth research expedition is planned to further investigate and possibly measure some of the phenomena found at the Pyramids of the Sun, the Moon, the Dragon, and of Love. While much controversy surrounds these structures, our [...]

Trends in Practice

Over the course of time it has taken readers and I to observe the upward trends in practice of conventional medical clients turning to alternative therapy applications to reclaim their health, we have been introduced to a list of professionals and practitioners finally making their own adjustments to fit these changes. Now, we arrive at a center that has, since [...]

Understanding the Trends

After finishing my previous article, Trends and Transitions: Bringing Balance to Wellness through Alternative Technologies (2014), which discussed the transformation occurring in the practices of many health care providers adopting more natural treatments and abandoning many ineffective conventional methods, I realized though I had learned much on the developing forms of treatment, I was left with a list of questions that needed [...]

Trends and Transitions in Health Care

Recently, the world of health care has presented many individuals seeking treatment with numerous revolving doors that lead them only to more concerns and unanswered questions about their health conditions. As medical coverage costs escalate, most doctors are capable of only spending little time (on average a total of seven and a half minutes) with their  patients and are therefore [...]

Lure of the Magic Box

The lure of the "magic box" can be overwhelming, especially after many years of failed allopathic treatment.  If previous reliance on conventional methods and systems had worked, the seeker would very likely not be searching for alternative solutions. Too many folks are experiencing the dismal failure of conventional medical treatments to successfully address their personal health challenges. More frequently than [...]

On Matters of Health

Jimmie Holman & Paul Dorneanu Most of us in western society have learned the mindset since birth, that when it comes to matters of one's health, we typically wait till there is a problem, then take "it" and ourselves to the doctor, and literally dump our self and the issue on the doctor to solve the problem. In [...]

PulsedTech PMR Experimenter’s Kit (PART 2 of 4)

Pictorial Assembly Guide The original “Poor Man’s Rife Plasma Project” done years ago has been requested by users over and over as a gateway tool to better learn and understand the concepts and benefits of precision pulsed plasma (P3) technology. While these devices IN NO WAY significantly compare with ANY of today’s Pulse Technologies plasma devices, they definitely offer [...]

Welcome to the PulsedTech Research Website

Welcome to the new Pulsed Tech Research website. This is a website for YOU, ... the reader, ... the investigator, ... the participant, ... anyone interested in looking into and learning more about this amazing emerging and still developing technology. There is NOTHING for sale on this website!  There is nothing to donate to here! This is our way of humbly [...]

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