The Electric Human – Section III

Strategies & Considerations

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LAST UPDATED  3/5/2018

Strategies and Considerations Briefs

Personal Progress Journal     Jan 2015
Personal Progress Wellness Log     Jan 2015
Precision Frequencies vs. Unknown Codes     Jan 2015
Water & Water Quality      Jan 2015
Radiant Plasma vs Direct Contact     Apr 2015
Factors That Slow Recovery     Mar 2015
Mistakes That Can Prevent Successful Recovery     Mar 2015
Temporary Increase in Symptoms     Mar 2015
Parasites     Apr 2015
Impact of Diet and Speeding Recovery     Apr 2015
Potential Risks of Antibiotics     Apr 2015
Cellular Nutrition – Cellular Regeneration     INWORK


Questions & Answers

Question Mark

Note: Many of the following questions listed here are pertinent to specific Pulsed Technologies instruments and may not be applicable to devices manufactured by other companies.

Plasma/Contact Frequencies
What Frequencies should I be using?     Jan 2015
What are “Higher Frequencies”?     Jan 2015
How do I calculate the “Higher Frequencies”?     Jan 2015
What waveforms (functions) should I be using?     Mar 2015

Where should I place the unit?     Jan 2015
How far / how close should I be from the P3 plasma unit?
Do I need to be in the same room with the P3/P3+ unit?     Jan 2015
Do I need to see or to be exposed directly to the light?     Jan 2015

Plasma Tube
What if the glass / plasma tube breaks? Is it dangerous? Can it be replaced?     Jan 2015
What does the plasma tube contain?     Jan 2015
Are there any harmful UV emissions from the P3’s plasma tube?     Jan 2015
How long should the glass plasma tube work?     Jan 2015

FailSafe System
My P3/P3+ sometimes interrupts while running a frequency. What should I do?     Jan 2015

General Operation
How long should I run the unit/frequencies?     Jan 2015
I have too many frequencies and my sessions take a lot of time to run, what should I do?     INWORK
Can I use the frequency equipment at night when I am sleeping     Oct 2015
What are “sweeps”? Do I need it?     INWORK
Where are the documents located?     Jan 2015
Where do I place the electrode pads?     Mar 2015
Should I apply electrodes directly to a “problem” area?     Jan 2015
What if I don’t feel anything, …. Is it working?     Jan 2015
How do I minimize the Detox & Herx reactions?     Jan 2015
What are some of the issues which contribute to “slow recovery”?     Jan 2015
Can the PulsedTech instruments be run on portable power or in emergency conditions?     Jan 2015
Can the PFG Lab Run on a Mac?    Mar 2018

Special General Question Submitted by Rife Handbook author Dr. Nenah Sylver, PhD (must read)
Using the correct frequencies, I started getting results, but the therapy is
no longer working for me. WHY?     Jan 2015


Particle and Crosshairs

About the Protocols     Jan 2015
Arthritis     2014
Behçet’s Disease     Jan 2015
Cancer     2015
Cancer Supplemental Articles & Papers     2015
Cancer Nutritional Supplementation    2017
CDiff-MCAS-POTS-Mastocytosis    2017
Candida     2009
Diabetes     2014
Multiple Sclerosis     2014
Morgellons (Neurotoxic Spongy Fibrous Syndrome)     2015
Lyme Disease     2015
Stoke Recovery Nutritional Treatment     2016


Nutrition & Supplementation

How Does Lithium Orotate Correct Imbalances in Brain Chemistry?    2017